Worship Updates

Dear Friends.

As you have probably heard, Governor Newsome applied the “emergency brake”, sending Orange County into the “purple” category of COVID-19 protocols. It was the right decision. In California alone over 1 million people have been infected, over 18,000 have died, and the numbers are spiking dramatically. The most urgent matter before us is to offer our prayers and support for those who have suffered from this pandemic and to steel ourselves for doing whatever is necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible. After that, we have other real concerns, such as the fate of people’s livelihood and our social/psychological/spiritual state of living under safety restrictions. So, the purpose of this note is to inform you of what we are doing collectively.

St. Mark will not have in person worship until further notice.

We will continue to have a Facebook Live service on Saturdays at 5:00pm, using our Saturday musicians and following our Saturday worship style. And, we will record a Sunday worship service, which will be available on our website by 11:00am Sundays, following our Sunday morning worship style.

Due to the recent increas in Covid numbers our campus will only be open for office hours, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office (info@stmarkpresbyterian.org or 949-644-1341).

Please remember:

We will continue to offer livestreamed worship on Saturday evenings and post the recording of that worship on our website by Sunday morning.