Weddings at St. Mark

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for considering our beautiful campus for your celebration.

As an open and affirming church, St. Mark welcomes all couples to celebrate their union at St. Mark. We believe that a couple’s marriage will serve not only their own interests to make a home together, but also God’s interest in making this hurt and divided world a better place.

In a Christian marriage, the partners recognize their dependence upon God for the gift of life and its blessings. They decide to make the rest of their life’s journey as partners, to take the way of Jesus of Nazareth as the pattern for their life together, and to mark their commitment to one another.

We encourage wedding planning with the pastor performing the wedding and marriage preparation with our Parish Counselor or another qualified counselor. And, of course, our Pastor, Mark Davis, will be happy to meet with you.

We invite you to contact our Wedding/Event Coordinator, Kathy Roberts, to discuss your wedding date and for further information. She can be reached at 714.469.4621, or at

We wish you a blessed union!