Choir and Other Music Videos

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Permission for all music used under A-718179.

Anthem, 5 August, St. Mark, DeJohn Brown, soloist

Anthem, 29 July, St. Mark, Shelley Chretin, soloist

Anthem, 22 July, St. Mark, I-Chin (Betty) Lee, soloist

Anthem 15 July, St. Mark, Ryan Yoder, soloist

Anthem 8 July, St. Mark, Shelley Chretin, soloist

Anthem 1 July, St. Mark, Andrea Buice, Susan Jacobs, Mike Jacobs, John Finley

Anthem 24 June, St. Mark

Anthem 10 June, St. Mark

Anthem 27 May, St. Mark

Anthem 20 May, St. Mark, Aron Murillo, percussion

Prelude 20 May, St. Mark Ringers

Offertory 20 May, St. Mark Bell Choir

Postlude 20 May, St. Mark Ringers and St. Mark Bell Choir

Anthem 13 May, St. Mark

Anthem 29 April, St. Mark

Anthem 22 April, St. Mark

Anthem 15 April, St. Mark

Anthem 8 April, Ryan Yoder, tenor

Anthem 1 April, Easter

Offertory 1 April, Easter

Response April 1, Easter, Hallelujah Chorus

Anthem Mar 18, St. Mark, Shelley Chretin, DeJohn Brown, Carla Neeld, soloist

Offertory Mar 11, St. Mark, St. Mark Bell Choir, Ken Kelley, director

Anthem Mar 11, St. Mark

Anthem Mar 4, St. Mark, DeJohn Brown, guest director

Anthem Feb 25, St. Mark

Anthem Feb 18, ST. Mark, Keith Kroesen, cello; Jessica Flesher, flute

Anthem Feb 4, St. Mark

Anthem Jan 28, St. Mark

Anthem Jan 21, St. Mark

Anthem Jan 14, St. Mark

Anthem Jan 7, St Mark