Children at St. Mark

Children's Ministry Newport BeachOn the day of Easter, two of Jesus’ followers were walking the road to Emmaus and lamenting all that had happened in recent days. The risen Christ joins them on their journey, but they do not recognize him. As Jesus tells them all that has been written about him in the scriptures they are comforted, but they still do not know who he is. When they arrive at their destination, the travelers invite the stranger to stay with them and eat. Once they are gathered at the table, Jesus takes the bread, blesses it and breaks it; and then their eyes are opened. The two are so excited they run back to Jerusalem to tell their friends that Jesus is alive! (see Luke 24:13-49) How like us are the two travelers. The risen Christ is present with them, is indeed walking along side them and yet they do not see. The challenge of Christian Education is to help persons see, know and experience Christ. Through in-depth study of the scriptures, participation in the sacraments, and inclusion in the mission of the faith community our children will begin their walk of faith. By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, their eyes will be opened to the presence and love of Jesus Christ.
Sunday School Bibles
A Note to Parents: Parents are the primary faith educators of their children. What is practiced in the home will set a pattern for life-long observance. Children are in Sunday School about an hour a week, and many do not attend every week. What we teach here is only the beginning. The church is your partner in raising children who love and serve God.

How to help your child get the most out of their Sunday School experiences:

  1. Make regular church attendance a priority in your family.
  2. Ask your child about what he or she learned in Sunday School.
  3. Use recommended materials for family discussions and devotions.
  4. Involve your family in one of the many service opportunities available at St. Mark
  5. Talk about what your faith means to you.
  6. Make time to study God’s word and to pray.
  7. Take advantage of “teachable moments.”
  8. Consider purchasing “The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories” for use at home.
More info about Sunday School for:

Preschool – Kindergarten Sunday School


The preschool and Kindergarten years are a special time when young children begin to spread their wings, to venture from the nest, and to discover the world around them. It is also a time when young children take the first steps in their journey of faith, ask big, even existential, questions, form relationships with their peers, hear of God’s great love for them, respond to all they see, hear, and experience, learn from their parents and other adults, follow in the footsteps of Jesus. At this time in their lives, young children need a church that understands and responds to their needs, a teacher who loves and accepts them, a friend like Jesus.

  • First Steps for 3 year olds is a traditional Sunday School setting. Children will hear stories about God and God’s people while exploring these stories through music and art.
  • The Children’s Worship Center is a Montessori based program for children 4 years old – Kindergarten. Following the Young Children and Worship program, children will have the opportunity to step out of ordinary time and space into sacred time and space, hear the stories of God, and dwell in the mystery of God.
Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Children begin each Sunday morning in the sanctuary for worship. After “Time With Our Children”, a teacher meets the children in the Narthex. There are two ways for parents to sign-in their children:

  1. Make contact with the teacher in the Narthex, and entrust the child to her/his care;
  2. Accompany the child to their Sunday School room in the Fellowship Hall/ Classroom Building. All children must be picked-up by a parent or the parent’s
    designee, who must be identified on the sign-in sheet.
1st – 6th Grade

Emmaus Road Sunday School (ERSS)

The Workshop Rotation Model of Sunday School is a twist on the traditional learning center concept, in which learners rotate between various centers during one class period. The new model allows for in-depth study of a particular biblical

text over the course of several weeks. Learners rotate to a different center or station each week for four weeks. The biblical narrative (Bible story) is presented in a fresh way each week and then explored in the hands-on learning stations.

Vacation Bible School

A week of music, crafts, games, stories and fun. A summer opportunity to learn more about walking in the way of Jesus.