Cross Words

More than Crumbs

Be Content with What You Have

Truth-Telling and Making Community

A Meditation given by St. Mark Youth, reflecting on their recent trip to Urban Youth Mission in Chicago.

It Is Better to Give than Take

Love Is Convenantal

While Jesus summarized all of the law and prophets with the 3-fold love of God, neighbor, and self, the “love” itself is never commanded while sexuality shows up in both the 8th and 10th commands. As Paul Ricoeur once famously put it, “Sexuality is the domain of all the difficulties.”

Enjoy and Enhance Life

The 6th Command, “You shall not murder,” seems the most easily understood and easily kept of all of the commandments. But, there’s far more to it than meets the eye, starting with Moses himself as both a survivor of a kill order and a murderer himself. The prohibition draws us to the positive statement of the sacredness of life at the heart of community.

Honoring the Tree of Life

A Sacred Word When Language is Cheap

What Are You?

Guest Preacher Hayes Noble