St. Francis and the Possibility of True Love

We ┬áhave a habit of judging the truthfulness and relevance of Scripture by our middle-class American values, rather than judging the truthfulness and relevance of our middle-class American values by Scripture. Luke’s Sermon on the Plain calls our value system into question.

Why Nobody Reads Luke

Luke’s “Sermon on the Plain” is the little-known version of Matthew’s more popular “Sermon on the Mount.” When we read the stark economic emphasis of Luke’s sermon, it is no wonder that we either ignore it altogether, or we filter it through Matthew’s more spiritualized version. “Blessed are the poor” is a challenge to our entire way of life.

Joyful Noise

Celebration Story: Called to Participate

Disciple, the Verb

We often hear “The Great Commission” as being about us, our duty, our call, our commission. In fact, Jesus’ words begin and end with declarations about himself, his power and his presence in the world. Our “commission” is nothing less than an invitation to participate in what God in Christ is doing in the world.

The Taming of the Pneu

That They May Be One

Guardian ad Litem

On Not Knowing What We Know

Vanishing Jesus