The First Emerging Church

In Matthew’s gospel we see an emerging church, looking for ways to ensure that when someone loses their way, there is a process in place built on integrity, truth, and an unabashed belief that everyone is worth the work that it takes to achieve reconciliation.

A Struggle over the Soul of the Church

In the confrontation between Simon and Jesus, we see a long-simmering theological question arise: Does being chosen by God entitle us to benefits or does it obligate us to service?

Word and Response

As the last sermon in our series based on Isaiah 6:1-8, this is a sermon for people who don’t need a sermon on why you don’t need a sermon.

Your Guilt Has Departed

 In the Reformed tradition we have been trained to jump from confession directly to pardon. In Isaiah’s story there is a moment of purging in between the confession and the pardon, which makes transformation an integral part of the process of guilt and forgiveness.

Unclean! Unclean!

Last week we heard the story of Isaiah’s vision of God’s glory. This week the story continues when Isaiah is immediately cognizant of his own sinfulness. Our dinginess and God’s glory bring out the most in each other.

Begin at the Beginning

Isaiah’s vision in Isaiah 6:1-8 is the focus of our Sunday services in August. This week, we “begin at the beginning,” with Isaiah’s stunning description of being in the presence of God’s beauty. That act of receptivity is what worship is all about.

That Your Love May Overflow More

Guest Preacher, Jennifer McCullough

Creative Organizer for Youth Ministry

Rock Solid

Gary Collins, Pastor Emeritus

Optical Delusion

In the Sermon on the Plain, Jesus describes those who judge others as trying to remove a speck from the other’s eye while having an I-beam in their own eye. A better approach would be to wash the feet of the other, trusting that God will guide their journey. 

St. Francis and the Possibility of True Love

We  have a habit of judging the truthfulness and relevance of Scripture by our middle-class American values, rather than judging the truthfulness and relevance of our middle-class American values by Scripture. Luke’s Sermon on the Plain calls our value system into question.