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Truth is Life Itself

Truth and Power

Truth and Finitude

The story of Lazarus is often treated as an amazing, but simple story of life overcoming death. What we don’t often see is how vigorously Jesus resists his own death at the hands of an angry mob throughout this story. It is simply not the case that, just because Jesus was going to die anyway, he was ready to let the mob have its way.

Truth and Religion

When Jesus and the disciples encounter a blind man, they ask, “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Behind that question is a long theological argument over whether the sins of the parents are visited on the children or whether each person suffers for their own sins. Jesus offers yet another way.

Truth and Shame

When Jesus encounters the woman at the well in Samaria, the narrator notes, “Jews do not share things in common with Samaritans.” That is true. It is also true that “Jews share everything in common with Samaritans.” Therein lies the problem with making the differences between “us” and “them” into solid, permanent walls.

Truth and Tradition

The biblical view of truth is not as a dead thing, such as a brass ring that we can obtain or a set of propositions that we can figure out. Biblical truth is an incarnate, living reality, known relationally such as when Jesus says, “I am the truth.” As such, truth will always be in tension with the kind of ‘tradition’ that tries to ossify the truth of a living moment into a lasting form that can be manipulated by those in power.

Truth and Scripture

The best of the Christian tradition has said that the “Word of God” is not the Bible. The Scriptures are “the constitutive and critical norm of Christian life and faith,” but the “Word of God” is that creative, life-giving power of being that became flesh and lived among us in Jesus Christ. In the story of Jesus’ temptations in Matthew’s gospel, we see the difference between the Scriptures and Truth itself, when the devil quotes Scripture as a way of testing Jesus. Even the devil can quote the Bible. The truth, the “Word of God,” is that moment when the Scriptures come alive in worship and service to God’s glory.