What Are You?

Guest Preacher Hayes Noble


Worship in Spirit and Truth

Guest Preacher The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Prichard.

Worship is loving God, hearts, soul, mind and strength. Worship is loving our neighbors as ourselves. True worship is loving what God loves and God so loves the world.

Embrace the God You Have

The Law, the Song and the Glory

At the dedication of Solomon’s magnificent temple there were three things of note: 1) The ceremony became an act of worship when the Glory of God that filled the place, showing that worship is always an act of grace. 2) The ark of the covenant, in which were the two tablets of the law were kept, was placed in the center of the temple, signifying that God’s people would build their life based on justice, not sheer power. And 3) the musicians – choir and instrumentalists – were brought in because music is the carriage on which the glory of God enters.

Our Daily Bread

When we follow the trail of bread crumbs in the Scriptures – from the Passover to the Manna to the Feeding of the 4,000 stories – we see a picture of God’s abundance where the wrong question is, “How can we afford to feed so many people?” It is still the wrong question in a world of plenty.

Stir Up those Gifts

As we welcome nine Confirmands into the life of the church, we listen to a reading from I Timothy, where the elder is encouraging the younger not to let anyone despise their youth, but to cultivate the gift that God has given to them. It is solid advice for people of all ages today.

No Greater Love

Jesus says that there is no greater love than one who would lay down one’s life for one’s friends. On Memorial Day weekend, even within all of the ambiguities that surround military conflict,¬†we are drawn to honor those who have died in the service of others.

Fire-breathing Church

The story of Pentecost is filled with images of power, but power can be very ambiguous, used for good or for ill. In the end, power expressed in love is the power of God’s spirit that will transform the world.

The Resurrection of Wisdom

There has long been a tension within the biblical tradition over wisdom: Is wisdom something that we can attain through our natural abilities – reason, intuition, sensibility, conscience – or is wisdom something that only God gives? When viewed through the lens of resurrection, the foolishness of the cross is the wisdom of God for us.

Resurrection of the Truth

We often measure ‘truth’ in terms of a clinical correspondence between the words that we use and the static entity that we call “reality.” When we view truth through the lens of resurrection, we do not see reality as something static, but as something that is infused with God-given life. Truth, then, takes account of the God-given liveliness of each moment.