Hagar’s Story, Part 1

Called (to be) Saints

The Church Organizes to Serve

The Church Gains an Identity

Transforming Accountability

Continuing our theme of “The World Where It Happens,” we hear how the “mother church” in Jerusalem sent Barnabas to hold the new church in Antioch accountable. When we follow God into the world, we welcome accountability. 

The Church Goes Rogue

During October, we’re following the theme, “The World Where It Happens,” and looking at a young, daring church in Antioch as our guide for what it means to follow God in the world. This week, the church “goes rogue” by breaking long-established traditions. 


There are several ways to hear the third parable of Luke 15: A prodigal son who “comes to himself” as he turns to go home; A joyous father who has found a lost son; or A resentful brother who never left in the first place. 

The Breakfast Club

We get a story of all of the gospels’ great stereotypes gathered around a table. Some endearing parables of things lost and found grow out of a complaint that Jesus keeps bad company. 

The Wild Gospel

We face one of the most difficult and demanding sayings of Jesus in the Scriptures, calling us to choose discipleship over our own interests, even the family that we love the most.

Just Look at This Mess

In Luke 14, Jesus at table is calling for a reversal–challenging privileged, powerful religious folks to shift from an ethic of scarcity to one of abundance. We’re still struggling to uphold that call today, but trying to do so reveals the beauty of God’s way through the mess of communion and community.