EPIC Sabbath

Sabbathmarks the time when God rested on the seventh day of creation, establishing a rhythm of rest and restoration for all creation. 

Genesis 2:1-4; Exodus 20:1-11. (Mark 2:23-28)

Just Plain Old Jesus

What Choices Do We Have

I find myself asking, “Do we have a choice as to what happens to us in this life? And, why do bad things happen?”  Perhaps you ask these same questions.  Deut. 30:15-20 speaks of choices we get to make.  Explore what these choices are and how we might find life, even in the midst of pain, suffering, and death.

To See or Not to See

Our final Elisha Story has three distinct parts. The first is a spoof to show how frustrated the enemy king is by God’s prophet. The second is a typical “National Story,” demonstrating that God is on our side. The final part is a radical turnaround that subverts the national message for a wider one that echoes in the Psalms, Paul’s letters, and Jesus’ message. 

Permission Granted

From the School of the Prophets in 9th century BCE Samaria to the banks of the Jordan in the first century, prophets have proclaimed the Word of God to people frustrated at every turn by corrupt leaders. Once the corruption is named, the liberation begins with the question, “What do we do now?” 

The Ties that Bind

Sermon by Rev. Chineta Goodjoin of New Hope Presbyterian Church, Orange, CA

Living Otherly

When we hear how Jesus reinterprets an Elisha story, we become aware of how resistance stories become legitimations stories when the audience feels privileged or entitled. 

Flowing Oil and Floating Axe

We begin a series on Elisha the prophet by reading two stories that are all about persons who are oppressed by debt. It raises the question of the destructive nature of our own debt structure. 

Aha Moments and Oh No Moments

“The Epiphany of the Lord” is a big “Ah Moment” for the magi, who discover that the prophecy of Isaiah had been fulfilled in baby Jesus.  But, King Herod turns this epiphany into a big “Oh No Moment.”  As we begin 2020, are we responding to Christ’s birth more like the magi (do our hearts thrill and rejoice) OR are we responding more like Herod, because we too do not wish to give up our power.  Explore Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12 in this sermon and hear God’s surprising challenge to us!

Unwelcomed and Welcomed

The Jesus of Christmas song and scenery is the “sweet little baby Jesus.” The Jesus of Christmas script is the one who comes, destined to struggle and die. Both are true.